Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.

Suncoast Center for Independent Living has partnered with Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI). FTRI  is a statewide non profit organization that provides special telephones for Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf/Blind and Speech Impaired Floridians.

This program loans special telephone equipment to Floridians who are Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf/Blind or Speech Impaired for as long as they need it. Using this phone equipment helps people communicate more easily.

What Equipment if Loaned?

  • Phones that amplify incoming sound
  • Devices that alert you when the phone rings
  • Captioned telephones
  • Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD/TTY)
  • Braille TTY for Deaf/Blind Individuals
  • Phones that amplify outgoing speech

Who is Eligible?

  • Permanent Florida Residents
  • Age 3 or older
  • Certified as Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf/Blind or Speech Impaired

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact Fabiola Sannon, SCIL FTRA Specialist at (941) 351-9545.