Transition Center


Health and Wellness
Basic– Classes cover safety in the community using the Safe and Strong curriculum, nutrition; such as food groups, reading labels, and portion control.
Advanced– Classes cover safety in the community, nutrition, dealing with emotions using the Facing Our Fears curriculum, the benefits of physical exercise, and learning to take control over medical needs.
Life Math and Budgeting
Basic– Classes will cover telling time, calendar skills, adding and subtracting using a calculator or manipulatives, money recognition, ordering from a menu, and an introduction to banking. After successful completion of the class consumers may continue on to the advanced money and budgeting class.
Advanced– Money and budgeting classes will cover using a checking account, making a budget, paying bills, using percentages to leave a tip, shopping on a budget and uses of credit cards, banks and loans.
Household Skills
Basic– Classes include an introduction to general cleaning skills, kitchen safety and cooking skills, an introduction to time management, how to access the community using transportation and finding what resources are available, and how to handle emergencies.
Advanced– Classes include general cleaning skills, cooking and kitchen skills, access to the community and how to prepare for emergencies. Time management skills and transportation skills are also strongly emphasized.
Computer Skills Class
Basic– Classes cover an introduction to the computer; turning the computer on and off successfully, use of the mouse, learning the keyboard keys and its function keys, how to save to both a hard drive and a USB thumb drive, opening and closing programs.  Basic Microsoft Word skills will be taught as well as use of the internet including email and search engines.  Upon successful completion of the class consumers may continue on to advanced computer class.
Advanced– Classes will cover a comprehensive look at Microsoft Word, including training exercises in format and layout, spell check, and creating documents from templates, along with an introduction to Power Point. A more in depth look at the internet will include accessing community resources, and social networking.

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